About Us

TechCentrix Solutions is an innovator in the use of interactive consumer technology. Through use of our Bēkan technology, products can be personalized and serve as real-time marketing tools for your business. The Bēkan’s unique technology stack improves business efficiency and includes integrated data-tracking and trend analytics in real-time. Whether in a retail environment, at a special venue or event, your business will have the ability to collect consumer data, analyze buying trends, defy the competition and increase sales.

TechCentrix Solutions offers business the dual ability to employ both Consumer-Facing and Business-Facing technology, thus creating the ultimate in efficient customer service, and cost-saving opportunities.

Current licensing agreements include use of the Bēkan in consumer products such as wearables, glassware, greeting cards, spirits and floral accessories. We welcome you to our family of licensees.

TechCentrix is headquartered in the Silicon Valley Economic Region, with satellite offices in Poland, Israel and China.

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