The Bēkan’s real-time connectivity allows your business to:

  • Capture demographic data essential to effective marketing
  • Analyze customer data and track trends in real time
  • Create strategic and effective marketing campaigns
  • Provide real-time customer communication through email, SMS text and push notifications
  • Communicate with your customers at peak buying times
  • Stay updated on important customer information through our dashboard platform
  • Hyper-target your customer, increase engagement and maintain customer loyalty
  • Achieve greater efficiency and maximization of marketing dollars
  • Gain a competitive edge in market share
  • Create POP and POS marketing campaigns for your customers in real-time


With the Bēkan’s real-time connectivity, your customers can:

  • Experience cutting edge technology at their fingertips
  • Create and illuminate their own personal messages
  • Receive coupons and other promotional material relevant and significant to them
  • Share with friends and family anytime, anywhere
  • Dictate when they wish to interact with your business
  • Receive value-added enhancements to purchase, such as instantaneous promotional offers
  • Incorporate social media applications for consumer use
  • Participate in loyalty and reward programs

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