TechCentrix real-time connectivity allows your business to:

  • Receive and analyze customer data
  • Track trends as they happen
  • Create strategic and effective marketing campaigns
  • Spend marketing dollars efficiently
  • Gain a competitive edge in market share

To compete in today’s mobile world, marketing must be relevant and significant. The benefits of TechCentrix to business are numerous including, but not limited to, the opportunity to offer sponsored promotions and advertising to a targeted customer base; provide loyalty and reward programs, track inventory; and, customize customer interaction.

Do you want to collect real-time marketing data and be able to track trends simultaneously? You can receive this information directly from your customers through the use of TechCentrix technology. You’ll no longer need to pay collection companies for irrelevant, old data as you will have information about real-time depletions, consumer habits and marketing trends at your fingertips.

Improve your product packaging appeal and accelerate your sales with TechCentrix’s label and marketing platform. Our technology allows you to market directly to your customers through its real-time connectivity capability. Marketing messages can easily be sent to customers within minutes. You will be able to manage your customers’ data in real-time as our elegant platform and dashboard is user-friendly.

The added value of a TechCentrix display provides a competitive edge in marketing your product. Knowing your customer is key to any successful marketing campaign. TechCentrix technology allows you to gain demographic data (including age, location, gender, email, phone number, personalities, purchasing trends, etc.) all in an effort to better serve your customers’ needs.


Your customers can:

  • Experience cutting edge technology at their fingertips
  • Create and illuminate their own personal messages
  • Receive coupons relevant to their desires
  • Share with friends and family anytime, anywhere

Entice, excite, and entertain your customers with TechCentrix’s patented Bluetooth technology. While businesses can stay ahead of the competition with TechCentrix’s technology, consumers will experience the “wow” factor through personally programmable displays.

The TechCentrix technology transforms the appearance of the traditional packaging label. Consumers of all ages want to manifest what is significant to them. They like to see their name in lights. Our illuminated packaging labels are unique, exciting and own the “cool” factor. They can make any consumer product the “go-to” gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, events or personal use.

Our philosophy is simple, yet effective. We understand the nuances of consumers’ desires. Our technology provides a unique experience for consumers and they appreciate the exceptional customer service we provide.

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