Case Study

Medea Vodka

The spirits industry is an extremely competitive and insulated business. For any newcomer, attempting to compete in this arcane and highly regulated world is difficult at best. It takes a unique and extraordinary approach to entice retailers to open shelf space to a new product. Such was the case for Medea Vodka, the first consumer product to host our innovative technology.

Costco executives were wowed by the unique programmability of the LED and impressed by the high quality taste of the vodka. They were eager to sell the world’s only personally programmable bottle. Costco,** known for the high quality of its products, launched Medea Vodka in 13 of its Southern California stores. The Medea LED bottle became the fasting selling vodka next to the store’s own brand. As the stores sold out, Costco, acknowledging the success of the Medea launch, allowed our LED to light up bottles in its stores in California, Arizona, and Washington. Medea sold out in a short period of time and just a few short months later, Costco placed the vodka with our LED technology in its stores across the nation. Soon thereafter, other major stores including: Sam’s Clubs, Safeway, Albertson’s, Publix, and Total Wine among others, were sharing the newest gift idea with their customers.

A year later, the introduction of the LED’s Bluetooth capability led to exponential growth across the country. Our patented Bluetooth technology gained rave reviews from the New York Times to the San Francisco Chronicle and in more than 80 publications across the U.S. Additionally, our technology was touted on television news and entertainment shows. Sales skyrocketed from a small test market in Southern California to across the United States within a year. The ability to program any message through our patented technology, was received with enthusiasm and excitement. As Medea penetrated stores throughout the United States, other countries began to take note of its revolutionary LED. Our technology quickly propelled the vodka to sales across the globe. The Medea Vodka bottle, with our patented LED Bluetooth technology, is now sold on six continents.

The innovative use of technology to program a message, from a smartphone, on the Medea Vodka bottle provided the entrée needed to break through the insular spirit industry. Further, the distillers of Medea.

Vodka, which is produced in the Netherlands, became the first company in Europe to acquire a license to use our patented technology.

**(It is important to mention Costco took a leap of faith when our technology was in its first generation and the LED required manual programming.)

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