Case Study


Medea Vodka

The spirits industry is an extremely competitive and insulated business. For any newcomer, attempting to compete in this arcane and highly regulated world is difficult at best. It takes a unique and extraordinary approach to entice retailers to open shelf space to a new product. Such was the case for Medea Vodka, the first spirit to host our unique technology.

One of the largest retailers in the United States, eager to sell the world’s only personally program bottle, became the first company to showcase Medea Vodka on its shelves. Our patented technology gained rave reviews. Sales skyrocketed from a small test market in Southern California to across the United States within a year. The ability to program any message through our technology, was received with enthusiasm and excitement.

The use of technology to personally program, via Bluetooth, the Medea Vodka bottle provided the entrée needed to break through the insular spirit industry. Further, the distillers of Medea Vodka, which is produced in the Netherlands, became the first company in Europe to acquire a license to use our patented technology.

Our technology quickly propelled the vodka to sales across the globe. The Medea Vodka bottle with our patented technology is now sold on six continents.

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