TechCentrix Technology

TechCentrix has accomplished some amazing milestones in a short period of time. With 20 patents, both domestic and international, we have licensed products that are available in just about every corner of the globe.

Our twin-sided technology offers businesses the ability to capture data relevant to analyze and create targeted marketing to their customers. Meanwhile, consumers enthusiastically engage in the social interaction and personalization aspects.

The initial patented LED technology was first introduced to the marketplace for use on Medea Vodka bottles and gained wide acceptance in the highly competitive spirits industry. The ingenious ability to illuminate and customize a greeting on a bottle was received with excitement and enthusiasm.
Since that time, requests for use of TechCentrix’s technology have been forthcoming from other consumer product areas. As such requests have grown, so has the technology, which has been enhanced to include not only LED, but OLED, LCD and E-paper electronic displays. The patented technology can be used for packaging and on containers of varying shapes and sizes.

Our current patents cover the electronic device and its applications including, among others: a technology stack which allows integrated real-time data tracking and analytics; the display firmware; mobile Apps available for both IOS and Google Play; and, back-end cloud server technology, other Mobile interaction and Facebook Integration capabilities are included. The technology is built for scalability and growth through the use of Amazon web-based services.

For specific patent information, current product features, and the technology architecture please contact TechCentrix.

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