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TechCentrix Technology

TechCentrix Solutions includes LED, OLED, LCD and E-paper electronic displays. Our patented technology can be used for packaging and on consumer products of varying shapes and sizes.

Current patents cover the electronic device and its applications including: a technology stack which allows integrated real-time data tracking and analytics; the display firmware; mobile Apps available for both IOS and Google Play, and back-end cloud server technology, other Mobile interaction and Facebook Integration capabilities are included. The technology is built for scalability and growth through the use of Amazon web-based services.

The TechCentrix engineering team provides a wide range of software development including, Bluetooth/Bluetooth Mesh, iBeacon, NFC, GPS, Big Data, Application Development, Front End/Middleware/Back End Integrations, UX/UI, Quality Assurance, R&D and IoT.

TechCentrix Solutions has licensed products that are available across the globe.

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